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OSCAR WEGNER’S Modern Tennis Methodology University

Welcome to the only tennis teaching program of its kind, created by Oscar Wegner himself to help you study and master his Modern Tennis Methodology™. This is where your MTM-learning and MTM-certification process begins!


Modern Tennis is the basic style in which a player uses gravity, rotation and air resistance in a most advantageous way to get any playable ball within his reasonable reach in the opponent’s court without fail. To miss the player must have violated one or more of the principles of MTM!

Modern Tennis is not only natural and easy to learn, but also improves a player’s athletic ability.

If you are new to playing or coaching tennis, or have been previously trained by other tennis-teaching styles, systems or organizations, MTM-U is the place to start on a new journey of discovery in Modern Tennis Methodology.

Continuing education courses for coaches who are already MTM-certified are also available.

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“There is an intimate relationship between simplicity and the quality of your game.”Oscar Wegner



This method is very different from conventional tennis teaching systems, with far superior results. It teaches you how to understand and apply modern tennis techniques with students at all age and ability levels. Countless books have been written that do not reflect the way the top pros play, but MTM does just that. Getting certified is as easy as playing the MTM way!
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Learn at your own pace with Oscar’s easy-to-follow tennis coaching courses. Enjoy hours of drills & technique in simple, bite-sized lessons. Our Training Course Levels take you from the most basic fundamentals of the modern game (suitable for coaching beginners) to the most advanced skills necessary for coaching high-performance as well as professional players.
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To earn your diploma as an MTM-U graduate and become a member of MTMCA (Modern Tennis Methodology Coaches Association) simply register on the MTM-U website to submit your Admissions Application. Once approved you may enroll in the courses of your choice to be on your way to becoming an MTM-Certified Coach. Start the adventure by JOINING NOW!
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The Wegner Method is simplicity at it’s finest. Forget what you have been taught before, and get ready to teach the game in an entirely new – faster and easier – more natural way.

You’ll be a better Coach and your players will thank you!

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Find out the secrets of playing tennis from the man who helped shape modern tennis as it’s known today.

“Tennis is easy to learn, to play, to teach and to enjoy. The shocking truth is that tennis has been made difficult.”Oscar Wegner

Lessons With Oscar

To play your best learn from the best!

Oscar is now available for private consulting sessions via the internet, including video analysis and practice tips to improve your playing and coaching skills.

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