MTM-U Code Of Ethics

Code Of Ethics

Our Association requires its members to be sportsmanlike at all times, conduct themselves in a professional manner both on and off the court, be of good character, treat the public honestly and fairly, and treat their fellow members in the tennis-teaching profession in the same way. Dishonesty, unfair dealing, harassment, discrimination, either to the public or to a fellow member, and disregard for the law are considered ethics violations subject to review of the Board of Directors, suspension and imposition of corrective measures. The goal is to rectify the situation rather than punish the individual. However, multiple ethics infractions constitute cause for immediate expulsion from the Association and cancellation of certification. Specifically:

Members are not permitted to conduct or solicit lessons where a resident professional is employed, unless prior approval has been obtained from the facility and/or resident professional.

Members are not permitted to use or reproduce the names, logos or materials (including written or recorded data) of the Association, or that of any of its members without express written permission of the Association.

Members are not permitted to conduct certification lessons or clinics without advance written permission of the Association as set forth in the MTM Hosted Clinics section of MTM University (available on request HERE).

Members are not permitted to misrepresent, either intentionally or inadvertently, the technology of MTM or the character of it’s originator, or of any other member of the Association.

MTMCA membership and/or certification relates to the member only, and no affiliation may be claimed between MTMCA and any business relationship(s) of its members.

The MTM Coach will strive to faithfully and correctly know, study and apply the technology of Modern Tennis Methodology™, assure that it is used correctly and make every effort to eliminate its incorrect use to earn the continuing designation of MTM Certified Coach with the understanding that failure to do so is cause for disqualification.

MTMCA International – 2022