All Certification Programs Are Not Alike

Certification is defined as the action or process of providing someone or something with an official document attesting to a status or level of achievement.

In the world of tennis there are coaching certification programs recognized internationally, such as the ITF (International Tennis Federation), and nationally by individual countries. The ITF is the governing body of world tennis, wheelchair tennis, and beach tennis. National Tennis Federations are responsible for the management of tennis in their respective countries.

MTM-U is the medium through which the Modern Tennis Methodology system of tennis coaching is delivered to new and experienced tennis instructors.

MTMCA is an association of tennis coaches who have demonstrated competence in understanding and delivering Modern Tennis Methodology via study and testing, resulting in certification overseen by its originator, Oscar Wegner.

Although it would be impossible to hold individuals to a verifiable standard of competence in coaching tennis (given there are 1.2 billion fans, 87 million players and an estimated 164,000 tennis coaches worldwide), tennis governing bodies around the world have sought to improve the standard of quality in recent years. However, quality assurance is often compromised at the expense of players from all levels of the sport. Random, inconsistent and contradictory methods of learning the art of coaching have left much to be desired in the tennis teaching industry.

MTMCA has for over a decade sought to bridge the gap between complicated teaching modalities that make tennis difficult and a simple yet effective means of delivering reliable tennis instruction to the public.

In that spirit MTM-U has launched a new certification process to better ensure that the material developed by Oscar Wegner will be competently presented. It is the program’s goal to inspire coaches to learn, understand and apply exactly as prescribed the method of teaching tennis that has proven so successful around the world for generations of players and coaches alike.

Whether used as a stand-alone protocol or as an adjunct to other tennis training courses, the MTM-U Certification Program will provide a solid foundation on which to build coaching competence.