MTM-U Scholarship Program

MTM-U offers the opportunity for qualified applicants to receive significant discount for all courses in the MTM-U/CoachTube curriculum.

The purpose of the MTM-U Scholarship Program is to make the educational tools for studying Oscar Wegner’s Modern Tennis Methodology available to those who wish to learn, apply and pass it on to others at a significant discount.

Candidates for the scholarship discount include coaches, facility managers, tennis program administrators, team captains and educators who wish to incorporate MTM into their tennis-teaching structure. The discount may then be passed along to all participants within their organizations.

The goal of our scholarship program is to grow tennis at the grass-roots level around the world. The more people know about MTM and how to apply it the greater the success players, coaches and tennis-teaching programs will achieve.

Are you a tennis player or coach who currently uses MTM techniques? Would you or anyone you know be interested in learning about or teaching MTM in your area? Would you like to be An MTM-U Diplomat? If so, the MTM-U Scholarship Program is for you!

We would like to know more about you! To inquire about your eligibility for a scholarship simply fill out and submit the form below. You will then be contacted to schedule an interview to begin the application process. Please select all that apply:

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