out with the old, in with the new

Previous MTMCA Certification

Coaches with previously earned MTMCA certification are invited to renew their certificates under the new training program.

Previously certified coaches are eligible for special renewal discount in addition to bundle package prices.

Former certification levels:

Level I Apprentice (non-certified)
Level II Tennis Teacher
Level III Tennis Teaching Pro
Level IV Clinician Pro Tester

New MTM-U Certification

Coaches new to the program and previously certified coaches will now earn the updated certification designations as described below.

All new MTM-U Certifications will consist of both theory and practical testing components (details on next slide).

New certification levels:

New Level I Tennis Teacher
New Level II Tennis Teaching Pro
New Level III Advanced Teaching Pro
New Level IV Clinician Pro Tester
(not currently available)


Coaches previously certified as MTMCA, MTMCA Italia and MTMCA Middle East may retain their former status and will be listed on the Coaches Index page as such. However, to be listed on the MTM-U website as a fully certified graduate of the New MTM-U Coach Certification process authorized by Oscar Wegner, all prospective coaches must have successfully completed both the Theory and Practical tiers as described HERE

At this time the final checkout (Practical tier) for Level III Advanced Tennis Teaching Professional will be delivered by Oscar Wegner only.