Oscar Wegner

World-renowned former tour player, coach, author, TV personality, tennis commentator and educator Oscar Wegner is now training coaches and players from beginner to top pro level at the award-winning Henry L. McMullen Tennis Complex in Clearwater, Florida.


Find out what has changed tennis around the world!

The ideal kinetic chain for tennis for a human body is rotational, not linear as commonly taught. Sudden changes of motion and direction create force. Bruce Lee discovered that for Martial Arts. Oscar Wegner did that for tennis. You’ll learn to bend, to deflect, rather than plainly oppose, during contact, the ball’s trajectory.

Tennis is also slower than it is thought to be. The ball loses, from baseline to baseline, due to air resistance, close to 60% of the speed. Thus the early preparation is more of a myth than true. You need to track the ball in front much longer than what is currently taught!
Mostly overseas coaches and Richard Williams in the USA applied Oscar’s teachings to their very young, and history has proven Oscar right. Many of those students are the top players of today.

“Tennis in 2 hours”, Oscar’s 1989 first book, was immediately adopted by Russian coaches, a fact that Bud Collins noted in his first visit to Moscow in December 1990. Some Eastern European coaches rapidly copied the Russians. Belgrade coaches, according to Serbian coach Jasenko Palos, intently shared the only 1989 Oscar’s book they could find. The 1992 edition, retitled “You Can Play Tennis in 2 Hours”, with Bud Collins and Oscar on the cover and Bud’s Foreword, together with Oscar’s insistence on TV and in print that everyone learn to “Play Like the Pros”, from children to adults, furthered that following certain principles tennis is an easy sport to learn and to excel at.

Oscar worked with Gustavo “Guga” Kuerten from 5 to 14 years old, and thereafter, on the hands of a fantastic conditioning-minded coach, Larri Passos, “Guga” not only turned into a top athlete but also the winner of three French Open titles and the #1 world ranking in 2000 at 24 years old. The William sisters, under their father’s guidance to use Oscar’s techniques, grew to be world champions. Spain’s tennis, where Oscar worked with the Spanish Federation’s High Performance Tennis School in Barcelona, became a powerhouse. Russian girls, within a decade of strict application, became pros and accumulated several Grand Slams. Latin America, prompted by Oscar’s ESPN Spanish commentary and tips, developed a plethora of new tennis stars.

Roger Federer had Oscar’s book and Master Strokes videos since April, 2005, and may have put some of Oscar’s tenets to good use. Gisele Miro, a top Brazilian junior with already a great backhand and marvelous volleys, coached by Oscar for one week in Curitiba, Brazil at the invitation of her local coach, Romulo Destro, to work on her serve and forehand, shortly turned pro and won the Caserta WTA in singles and doubles, both from the qualifying, then won the Wimbledon Plate, became Brazil’s number one, and won the Panamerican Games Gold Medal in singles and Bronze in mixed-doubles.

Tennis, Oscar says, has a new future! Read his new book (March 2016), watch his videos, and you’ll be the judge!


“Oscar Wegner is a true pioneer in the game of tennis. I have a deep respect for Oscar’s teaching and his passion to help others. My time on court with him during my professional tennis career was very valuable and many of the concepts he shared with me helped me understand my own game better. His knowledge of how the body actually works and the natural way tennis is played has helped shape my own coaching philosophies. Thanks for moving tennis forward, Oscar.”Jeff Salzenstein, former Top 100 ATP Player
“Wegner strips tennis instruction of all those accepted phrases and directions that only clutter your mind and confuse… I think you’ll find it worthwhile to dump the past and join Oscar in your tennis future. In listening to him I’ve unlearned a few things myself that I long considered gospel…”
Bud Collins, Boston Globe, NBC
“Oscar is a great coach. In a few days he helped me regain my strokes and my feel for the ball.”Bjorn Borg, 5-time Wimbledon and 6-time French Open Champion