What is MTM (Modern Tennis Methodology)?

MTM is a teaching system that makes one aware of the most efficient and most natural mechanics in the game at both the physical and physiological levels, in conjunction with one’s feel and instinct, and how to explore them to bring about one’s own idiosyncratic, perfect game.

The Goal of MTMCA (Modern Tennis Methodology Coaches Association)

The purpose of MTMCA is to make available to the masses a tennis teaching methodology that, when applied diligently, will result in a greater sense of ability and enthusiasm for this wonderful sport. MTMCA seeks to achieve its purpose with resoluteness, determination and a vision of clarity, good will and kindness, intended to help people play a better game.

Executive Staff

Oscar Wegner, Founder
Oscar is one of the most known tennis coaches in the world. After playing internationally in the 1960s, Oscar undertook a coaching career and developed a remarkable methodology that makes tennis an easy sport to learn. Tennis, Oscar says, is far simpler than it looks.

Lucile Bosche, Director of Certification
Lucile has worked with MTM and Oscar Wegner directly for years. She manages MTMCA affairs and can be reached at [email protected].

Philip Loyd, Web Development
Phil has 10+ years of experience building, designing, and perfecting web development projects of all sizes. He manages all aspects of Oscar’s online teaching portfolio.