The MTM-U Educational Pathway

Listed in this section are the specific courses and learning experiences that MTM-U students complete as they progress in their education toward certification.

MTM-U courses are delivered via CoachTube, the leading online sports instructional website. CoachTube provides access to online training from the world’s best coaches in 30+ sports. Lessons are available on-demand, so that students can learn when and where it’s convenient for them.

Upon successful completion of each course you will receive a Certificate Of Completion. A final check-out done on court or online with an MTM-U Certification Director completes the verification process.

Students who are not sufficiently proficient in English to pass the CoachTube courses may receive a Certificate Of Completion from Certification Directors, but will not be eligible for MTM-U certification. Only those students fluent in English will qualify for Level III Advanced Tennis Teaching Pro certification.

NOTE: The Level III Advanced Tennis Teaching Pro Practical tier will be administered by Oscar Wegner only.

Each course consists of two tiers of study:


Prospective coaches will begin registering to apply for MTM-U admission on our website. Once approved students will then be directed to CoachTube, an online sports education provider.

Theory consists of learning the principles and techniques of MTM in the virtual course room.
Study will include videos, articles and PowerPoint presentations with quizzes to check for understanding.

Upon completion of each course the student will receive a Certificate Of Completion, which will then be submitted to MTM-U Administration.


Once the student has completed all required courses on CoachTube and submitted Certificates of Completion to the MTM-U Certification Director, a preparation checklist will be issued for completion before the final exam is scheduled.

The final check-out process includes submission of resume, short essays and video or in-person demonstration of how to apply the theoretical principles learned in the certification courses.

The end-product: a fully trained Coach ready to apply the technology of Oscar Wegner’s Modern Tennis Methodology!