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Tennis can be a lot simpler and easier than what is being taught in the USA. Test Oscar's videos and DVDs.

The problem in USA tennis is that kids and adults are poorly taught, with wrong, unnatural ideas planted from the first day, such as get sideways, racquet back early, step into the ball, hit towards the target, and more. So tennis is made like baseball or golf and kids and adults have no feel for tennis and fail to improve much.

Many top players adopted Oscar's methods and had great results. Serena and Venus did too, taught by Richard, their father, the modern basics of open stance and more. This is the most helpful tennis teaching system ever. Coaches need to study Oscar's works and decide by themselves if this methodology gives the fastest, strongest, most natural, less strained, and easiest results with students of any age.

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NEW SYSTEM, SIMPLER, EASIER, BUT POWERFUL (even Federer had my book and 2 of my videos in 2005):

Oscar Wegner led the way, after 5 years playing on the tour in 38 countries and then starting a coaching career with Pancho Segura at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club in California, as to how tennis techniques should evolve into the modern era. Pancho liked it and had Oscar teach big movie legends like Charlton Heston, Dinah Shore, Dean Martin Junior, the Kirk Douglas family, and many others. Oscar also practiced at the club many times with daily visitor Pancho Gonzales, winning only one set of more than 90.

Decades later, to follow up the developments and success of his coaching methodology in Spain and Brazil he published books in 1989 (very popular with coaches in Russia and Serbia), 1992 and 2005. Oscar released his latest videos, with the latest advances, through 2012. Originally Oscar did the coaching segments on Prime Network (now Fox Sports) TV shows, and introduced the new techniques through ESPN International with 40 tennis tips aired daily for two and a half years to more than 150 countries, and taught the system during ESPN's ATP, WTA and Grand Slams Spanish commentary for Latin America from 1994 through 2000, quite a revolutionary international approach. Overall, he published three books, ten extraordinary DVDs and a two hour DVD compilation of the best of his works.


Oscar, with his "Tennis Into the Future" 2010 four DVD series shows how the game is going to further evolve using very effective and powerful principles, very aligned with Bruce Lee's revolution in Martial Arts. Top players, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Venus and Serena Williams (and many more) have evolved quite well their styles in that direction from a young age. They play better when they follow these basics, worse, influenced by many coaches, the days they don't. Their styles do not look the same, but they operate very similarly in the special way they track the ball and accelerate the hand across, not forward, holding the ball longer than normal on the strings, brushing with power and producing topspin and some sideways rotation. On groundstrokes, almost unnoticeable to the naked eye, they hit mostly toward the bottom section of the strings, adding to their control.


With Oscar's first book in Moscow and Belgrade in the early 1990s, Oscar's coaching In Spain for the Tennis Federation for one year, Brazilian Guga Kuerten (World #1 in 2000) learning Oscar's techniques from 5 to 14 years old, and Richard Williams taping Oscar's TV shows for Venus and Serena in the early 1990s, success spread quickly and very far. Further, Roger Federer was given Oscar's new book in March 2005 and the Master Strokes tapes, and reportedly years later he said in a TV interview in Europe that he used Oscar's tip of counting to five to stay calm. Oscar actually recommends to count 1 exactly at the bounce of the ball, then 2, 3, 4, and 5 as you strike the ball. Unbelievably, there is enough time to do so and it guides the player into the Zone, where the ball seems to slow down tremendously.

These techniques are easy to apply and vastly superior to conventional teachings!

The new "Best of Oscar" DVD (115 minutes) includes the most important lessons, in sequence for every stroke, of Oscar's modern instruction methodology 10 DVDs and guides a player into easy-to-apply principles that improve one's game dramatically and in quantum leaps.


What is amazing is how these techniques make this wonderful sport much easier, especially when you know them consciously, feeling their alignment with your nature in an instinctive way. You'll tend to think less and feel more. You'll focus better and experience time and timing in an unusual, non-hectic way. At any game level, whether a beginner or a top pro, your handling of the ball improves so exponentially that it leads you to trust your innate ability and your confidence grows day by day. Top pros actually recognize, as in the case of Bjorn Borg and Guga Kuerten, both coached by Oscar at some time in their career, how their best days where those in which time seemed to become almost still, and effort, movement and reach trouble-free.

Many of us have at one time or another experienced this delicate "Zone", within or outside tennis, but most players are led, by false data and misconceptions, to a different physical and mental operational way.


Oscar Wegner played the International tennis tour in 38 countries, before becoming the world's most revolutionary tennis coach. Wegner's coaching techniques have influenced much of the world. From Moscow to Belgrade, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Bangkok and many more cities, the results have been outstanding. With his DVDs you learn what exactly top players of today are doing and why it's most efficient. You'll learn what makes their game accurate and powerful, and how to apply these teachings. You'll see why nobody should mix modern techniques with conventional myths, adversely affecting players young and old. And much more!

Oscar worked in Spain as one of three National coaches in 1973, convincing the other two National coaches on this revolutionary methodology, and Spanish tennis took off. He did the same in Brazil, starting in 1982.

Oscar's 1989 book, "Tennis in Two Hours", became very popular in the early 90s with coaches in Eastern Europe. A generation of boys and girls started with these techniques succeeded to top levels of the game. In China, Oscar's book was translated by a group of coaches in 1999. Oscar's teachings received further exposure for four years on The New Tennis Magazine TV Show in the early 1990's, leading Richard Williams to use these principles with his daughters, future world champions Venus and Serena. Meanwhile, Brazilian Gustavo "Guga" Kuerten, who had started with these techniques at 5 years old, became world champion in the year 2000, beating Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi in the process. Kuerten won the French Open three times.


From 1997 through 1999 ESPN International telecast Oscar's 40 revolutionary tips, "Play Like The Pros" in English and Spanish to their entire network of over 150 countries, leading to billions of impressions and more success around the world. Chan Srichaphan, for example, coached his son Paradorn with these techniques as a 17 year old, and he became the best player in Asia and Top Ten in the world. Vince Spadea, who started with these techniques as a 5 year old, became the #4 American player and beat Andre Agassi five times. Jeff Salzenstein was coached by Oscar in Tampa at 30 years old, then broke into the top hundred in the world. Canadian Jesse Levine, the "Road Runner", coached by his father from a young age with Oscar's materials, became a full time pro and has had a career high ranking of #69. Further, Oscar's unusual teachings on ESPN Latin America and as a tennis commentator for six years started yet another tennis boom of success for that continent, especially for Argentina, the country where he was born. Further, Carlos Rodriguez, an Argentinian born coach residing in Belgium, coached Justin Henin, number one in the world, with Oscar's techniques, especially the counting to five for timing groundstrokes, and is now, after Henin's retirement, coaching Li Na, from China, winner of the Australian and French Open Grand Slam tournaments.

Now an American citizen and currently living in Florida, Oscar continues to write and expand on these revolutionary techniques. Test them against the more generally accepted "racquet back early", "step into the ball", "hit through towards the target" advice and decide for yourself what works best. You be the judge.


"Oscar is a great coach. In a few days he helped me regain my strokes and my feel for the ball."
Bjorn Borg, 5 time Wimbledon Champion and 6 time French Open Champion, in his 1992 comeback,
after having stopped competing for 10 years.

"Known and respected all around the world, Oscar has given us another great contribution with this book."
Gustavo "Guga" Kuerten, Three Times French Open Champion and Number One in the World in 2000. Oscar coached Guga Kuerten until he was 14 years old.

"Wegner strips tennis instruction of all those accepted phrases and directions that only clutter your mind and confuse.....I think you'll find it worthwhile to dump the past and join Oscar in your tennis future. In listening to him I've unlearned a few things myself that I long considered gospel....."
Bud Collins, Boston Globe, NBC.

“Oscar Wegner is a true pioneer in the game of tennis. I have a deep respect for Oscar's teaching and his passion to help others. My time on court with him during my professional tennis career was very valuable and many of the concepts he shared with me helped me understand my own game better. His knowledge of how the body actually works and the natural way tennis is played has helped shape my own coaching philosophies. Thanks for moving tennis forward, Oscar.”
Jeff Salzenstein, former Top 100 ATP World Ranked Player.

"Oscar: ... I have long acknowledged that your tennis teaching methods are light years ahead of those for most teaching professionals in our industry. I also happen to believe that our industry has complicated the learning process for so many players that they become discouraged and leave our sport too quickly. Your ideas simplify matters, and this is crucial."
Bill Mountford, former Director of Tennis, USTA National Tennis Center, site of the US Open, Flushing Meadows, N.Y and former Head of Coaching Relations and Competition for the British LTA.

"Oscar has broken the mold in understanding the modern tennis stroke. In working with him and watching super slo-motion sequences of the top pros, I have seen the genius of Oscar's analysis of their dynamics and technique. He has translated that into effective teaching methodology that is easy and fun to learn from."
Andy Rosenberg, Director, Wimbledon and French Open for NBC Sports.

"I recommend this method to other professionals. With this method we had positive results all over the world."
Carlos Alves. Carlos took Oscar to Brazil, learned his methods, and together they developed Guga Kuerten until he was 14, and many other top juniors and pros, including Carlos' daughter Nanda Alves, #1 in Brazil.

"This book (Tennis in Two Hours) describes to a "T" what I felt when I was at the top of my game. It is amazing that Oscar makes it so simple to learn."
Martin Mulligan, Wimbledon finalist to Rod Laver in 1962 and three-time Italian Open winner.

"This system is amazing, like planting 250 seeds and getting 250 trees. All of the children I teach at the summer camp keep coming back every year, all of them. They learn quickly and they love the sport."
Bob Ruzanic, a Pennsylvania tennis coach and former Chairman of the U.S. Davis Cup Committee.

"Oscar's techniques are incredible. Back in 1982 he was with me (coaching) in Germany and the students called him "the American who taught tennis in two hours". Over and over, he had total beginners rallying 40, 60 balls back and forth in just two hours of instruction. He also helped the Weiden Tennis Club have an undefeated junior tennis team that year and get our main team to the Bundesliga."
Jurgen Fassbender, former #1 player in Germany and Top Ten player in the world.

"After introducing top juniors to the Wegner Method, I went from unknown coach with zero tournament students to head pro at Dwight Davis, largest public facility in St. Louis, Missouri, and home to the St. Louis Aces (Andy Roddick). IN NINE MONTHS! I just smile when coaches try to say your method is just for starters and intermediates, for I have used it with 5.0s and nationally ranked juniors, all amazed at how advanced but still simple to Play Like the Pros really is. Now even coaches take tennis lessons from me, but it's not me, it's your method they want."
John Carpenter, former Head Pro, Dwight Davis Tennis Center, St. Louis, Missouri.

"When my children were very young and just starting to play tennis, Oscar gave them drills that were fun to do. He generated an interest and eagerness for the game so that they wanted to play more, and as a result, they became motivated to play better. Oscar's relaxed style of teaching conveys a sense of comfort and confidence to his students so that they look forward to working with him and can enjoy the consistent improvements that result from his teachings."
Vincent Spadea Sr, father of former #4 American and 19th ranked in the world.

"Your teaching method is logical, easily understood, and works. Now I understand why Spain has so many players."
Jana Hunsacker, former Director of Tennis, U.S.T.A. National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadows, N.Y., the site of the U.S. Open Championships.

"About 6 weeks ago I bought your complete package. Fantastic. I had been teaching along your lines for some time. To see it all so perfectly laid out and confirmed has made such a difference to my coaching and to my pupils. I cannot thank you enough. I have been coaching for 10 years and have completed many many coach education courses, some very good but nothing has helped me as much as your method. I coach at all levels, but focus mostly on junior performance players. I find your method helps at every single level.
Many thanks, Alex."

"My team has won three NCAA titles and I have been named NCAA "Coach of the Year" twice. I say this only as a reference point. I was very fascinated with your work and have thought a lot about it since. I plan to use your methodology in my classes. In my pursuit of coaching excellence I was with you on many concepts and yet found many of the things you emphasized quite eye opening."
Bob Hansen, Univ. of California Santa Cruz.

"I've been a teaching pro for about 13 years. During that time I've come across many theories (some great and some not so great). I would usually test them in a lesson. If they work, I keep using them. Well, I've been keeping a lot of theories and material from your book and using them daily with my lessons, with great results!"
Scott Gilmore, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

"Your method of simplifying the strokes and teaching beginners to "play like the pros" has benefitted hundreds of New York City school children and the teachers that train them. It's remarkable to see children rallying back and forth 20-70 times within an hour and I love hearing from them that "tennis is easy."
Sheri Slobin, Deputy Director of Programs for the NY Jr. Tennis League.

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