Oscar’s Tennis Training Videos

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Discussing The Wegner Method, Part 1
The MIT Mens Coach Charlie Maher who taught from 2004-2005 discusses his view of the Wegner Method and how he uses it to help his students.

Discussing The Wegner Method, Part 2
An MIT mens tennis player discusses his use of the Wegner Method to help his game.

Oscar on ESPN International (1994-1999)

Oscar worked for ESPN International as a tennis commentator from 1994 through 1999. He also authored 40 revolutionary tennis tips which were aired 5 to 20 times a day in English and Spanish for 2 and a half years to over 150 countries, creating an evolution into Modern Tennis that is noticeable today. “Tennis”, Oscar says, “is much easier that it is portrayed to be. People need to know this and learn properly and get to love this sport.” Well, they did learn this methodology overseas and a tennis boom started in Europe, Asia and South America that is still startling experts and analysts and knows no end.

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    #102: Find the Ball

    The most important thing in tennis is what I call “finding the ball.” And what is finding the ball? It’s your racket approaching the ball slowly, then accelerating. It is as if you almost touched the ball first, then you explode into it. In tennis, that’s what you need to do: find the ball first. (play video)

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    #101: The Finish

    What is the difference between a club player and a pro? A club player has many different swings. A pro always looks the same. On the forehand, most of them finish near the opposite shoulder. On the one-handed backhand, they stretch all the way out. Two-handed backhand, they finish over the shoulder. The key, no matter what happens earlier, it to finish the stroke the same way. (play video)

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    #109: Take your Time

    Rhythm, balance, coordination and timing are better when you wait for the ball. Take your time, don’t rush. On ground strokes, you can even count to five, one at the bounce, then two, three, four and five when you hit, finishing all the way. Take your time, that is the best way to play. (play video)

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    #105: Center Hits

    It’s often thought that hitting in the center of the strings is the key to the game. But the top pros don’t do that. They hit towards the bottom of the racket for topspin, and towards the top of the racket for volleys or slice. The racket will have much more stability this way, with the force only on one side. Topspin forehand, bottom of the racket; backhand slice, top of the racket. That’s the way to play. (play video)

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    #107: Racquet Angle

    A lot of people think that the position of the feet determines the direction of the shot. But that doesn’t matter at all. What matters is the angle of the racket. You angle the racket face a bit to the right and the ball goes down the line, you angle the racket the other way and it goes cross-court. Think about the angle of your racket and don’t worry about your feet at all. (play video)

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    #104: Loose Grip

    I hit the ball hard, very hard, but I have a surprise for you. I keep my grip on the racket loose. That’s how the top pros control the tension of the body. They keep their grip loose until the moment they make contact with the ball. Remember, keep your grip lose and don’t get uptight. (play video)

On Court Demonstrations

Here are some videos of Oscar Wegner demonstrating on court.

Clinics at Indian Wells
Oscar gives some adult clinics at Indian Wells in 2011.

Myiesha Simmons Demonstration
Oscar Wegner works with Bay Area junior Myiesha Simmons during his presentation for the USPTA Nor Cal Convention at Stanford University.

Interviews with Oscar Wegner

Oscar sits down and interviews with prominent coaches and high ranked players.