53 Drills for Better Tennis


Oscar and MTM Coach John Frausto offer a collection of drills to practice Modern Tennis Methodology. NOT INCLUDED IN MTM-U CERTIFICATION BUNDLES



World renowned tennis coach Oscar Wegner, together with USPTA teaching pro John Frausto, bring you a breakthrough 53 drills course that will help you get all the conventional coaching misconceptions out of the way and learn exactly what Modern Tennis is all about. You’ll find great, fun drills for every stroke which will teach you how to hit the Modern Tennis way. Parents and children will love the Paint the Fence and Kid’s Serve drills while advanced players can practice the Roll with the Edge Forehand and Advanced Service drills. Copy the top players and learn to Play like the Pros for immediate and astounding results!

NOTE: This series is also included in The Classic Series (DVD only) as bonus material. If you would like to buy the entire package, go here.

Duration: 1hr 5m
Videos: 51


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