Tennis is FEEL, not THINKING!

Our teachings, Modern Tennis Methodology, MTM for short, are totally natural, efficient, and non intrusive.

After all, it is you, the being, the spirit, who plays tennis, not the mind (read THINKING) with a bunch of ideas that complicate the process and your performance in the game.

The hands and the feel of the ball are all you need to focus on. You learned how to walk and run when you were two or three years old. Your feet will take you anywhere you want to go without even a thought.

Look, don’t think, and as you do that, LOOK how the ball changes speed. Tennis is a SLOW GAME. What makes it FAST? Using your MIND, THINKING.

Relax, move, execute and FEEL above all. Forget the power. You have it within.

Touch and feel the ball!

What’s the secret?

It is the extreme simplicity of a NO-THOUGHT-ALL-FEEL STATE, so intense but so focused that time expands.

If at times you’ve had such an experience you would know how serene, how all-feeling you can connect to action yourself!

For Martial Arts, Bruce Lee said “Be Like Water”!

For Tennis, Oscar says, “Be Like Air”. It’s everywhere!

I wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful 2017.

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With my best wishes and regards, 

Oscar Wegner

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