Roger Federer back on track for 2017!

Roger is back on track for his comeback in 2017.

Two things will be the clue to his success, provided he regains his speed of foot:

FIRST, his extreme technical simplicity, which most observers call his incredible fluidity.

SECOND, his forehand open stance, which was compromised by an unfortunate one year stint, an intense training scenario from a very known coach he highly respected.

The miscue? “Step into the ball”, repeated over and over! Federer questioned why he was asked to do that (he had the best forehand in the world at the time this started) and he was told he needed such important fundamental.

Sadly, he complied, and the extreme accuracy (and confidence) in his forehand was gone. It was one year that cost him several Grand Slams he could have won on his own. Plus a deviation from the extreme fluidity he had had!

Beware of such specious and damaging ideas that can make you think of your feet and take away from the ultimate truth: tennis is a game of hand-eye coordination exclusively, not hand-eye-foot! You learned to move naturally when you were two or three years old!

Step into the ball and close stance are perhaps the biggest barriers to tennis prowess, although insisted by 90% or more of coaches today!

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