Tennis is much easier than you think

For most people, tennis being easy is a difficult concept to agree with. So let me ask you a few questions:

  1. Do you like applying your own physical makeup, slow, fast, strong or delicate, easily when you play? Or do you adjust to strict ideas as to how to perform (i.e. conventional)?
  2. Do you like ease and naturalness on your footwork? Or should there be a lot of detail and structure in your moves?
  3. Would you want power without too much effort? Or do you think more power is necessarily dependent on force and effort?
  4. Would you want to carry on your decisions with ease? Or do you shun simplicity fearing you would lose control?
  5. Would you want your moves to naturally help your shots? Or do you feel you need body “positions” to succeed?
  6. Would you want to have extra time for your shots? Or do you feel tennis is too fast and you need to prepare “early”?

Here is where you can test your answers: Modern Tennis Methodology loves the simplicity, ease and naturalness of techniques that will work for your body’s preference, your particular physique, your beingness (rather than “thinkingness”), your feel rather than “mind”, and much more.

Smoothness and ease are some of the most notable results from these techniques. Control, ball placement, touch and power are some other results.

If these align with your goals, you need to inspect them at a low price but high results. The four Tennis Into the Future DVDs (about six hours comprising all strokes plus a bonus 2 hr. DVD compilation of the best of my works), are only $59.95. The eleven Oscar’s DVDs are $89.95, or streamed $47.

Your well being, love for the game and confidence will benefit or your money back, guaranteed.

For the best example of ease and simplicity look at Roger Federer. He cleaned up and simplified his game lately to what it was when he was number one, and is coming back next year most likely to be again somewhat in command on the tour.

Join the revolution and evolution. Tennis is really a much easier sport to learn than what has been portrayed!

Oscar Wegner,

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  1. airstream2 Reply

    please continue to explain why the professional organizations and usta lack integrity its the right thing to articulate they need it.


    1. Oscar Wegner Reply

      Dear airstream2, just like in politics, money and power are at the bottom of this. Plus a human trait that is at the 99 percent of all decisions, the apparency that one needs to be right to survive. Firstly, those organization (and individuals) have their own established products and activities they market to profit from and “rightfully” defend. Secondly, my methodology is so simple, so natural, that it is hard to fathom that such an uncomplicated, applicable, easy and gleeful solution can solve the riddle created by more than a century of false data and misconceptions. With analytical research or study you’ll find same conundrum in may areas of life on this beautiful planet earth. From science to the human mind, from religions to human relations, environmental issues, anywhere you look, galore!

      Oscar Wegner

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