Tennis, conventional vs. modern, the verdict is out!

Conventional tennis coaching is grounded on the premise that you must think about your feet.

In contrast, Modern Tennis Methodology frees you to move in a totally natural, instinctive way.

Tennis is, as you may have noticed, a game of emergencies: you are compelled to run to get to the ball!

What would be the easiest way to move around? As a baby you were guided to discover it on your own. As an adult, shouldn’t your coach do the same?

Forgive my insistence, but wouldn’t it be better not thinking of your feet at all, thus freeing your attention from feet positions to focus on racquet angle awareness and the feel of the ball on the strings?

Tennis would then become, for you, a game of purely expressed hand-eye coordination, where you thrive on feel and putting the ball where you want at the speed you want and with the spin you want.

Isn’t that easy? Watch Federer’s video below and notice how he plays modern tennis when the emergencies arise. Wouldn’t it be priceless if we would all PLAY LIKE THE PROS*?

Oscar Wegner *(FREE BOOK)

Federer at his best: click for video

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