The Williams sisters, a relic or a herald of new times?

Richard Williams had a dream: two new daughters, build two champions in every sense of the word!

He started them in Compton, the inner city in Los Angeles, in the midst of drugs and gangs wars.

He had to dodge the bullets. Sometimes he and his two little daughters had to lay low on the tennis courts floor.

But he persisted no matter the odds of loosing life.

Venus and Serena, his two champions at heart, made progress which was easy to spot. They were great athletes. But something else was needed to make the jump.

Invited to Florida to an Academy, he accepted. The coaching there was still the grind of old: prepare early, hit sideways, step into the ball, follow through towards the target. Too risky for his daughters’ might!

Watching tennis on TV as part of his research, he stumbled upon a show where the instructional coach insisted not only upon simplicity but also on natural laws: open stance, track the ball in front, use topspin, hit across, and finish over the shoulder and pulling back. Heresy, anyone would proclaim, but Richard did not. He was smart and saw the light!

Now the barrier was the usual coaching, and he made sure his efforts would not be in vain. He was now himself again the boss, and “the” coach!

History has proven Richard right, brilliantly right. And not only history, but these two beloved daughters turned as an example that not only can one conquer all barriers, but being some of the nicest and graceful champions of all.

Wimbledon 2016 is telling the story, which is not at its end at all.

Tennis has a new future, and these two sisters are heralding the way!

Oscar Wegner

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