Reflections on Roger Federer’s strengths

Roger Federer unleashes an exemplary Power of Self!

People wonder what drives a champion’s game.

Is it his body, is it his mind, is it his technique, or the spirit within?

Or is it the sum of all of the above?

As tempted as I am to chose the last answer, an easy cop-out so used in modern times, it doesn’t describe the unbeknownst phenomena that drive us all through life.

Consider Roger’s enormous talent, his calmness in intensity, his fearless focus in the midst of turbulence, his genuine handling of all kinds of pressure, such as of media, of so much travel, of demands of an aging body, of family life, and finally congealing, coalescing, in the biggest tennis theater of all, Wimbledon.

It’s also his favorite playground, his favorite surface, where lightning and brilliance can conquer any storm.

Doomed be the grinders, the merchants of trouble, the staying power of physical force and youth.

Welcome the perennial exultance of the spirit within!

Of course you need a superb physical preparation to hone in  your creative ability, to display your prowess, not only your power and reflexes, your speed, but also your feel and your touch.

Tennis, for the supremely gifted  spirit in us all and the simplicity inherent but cleverly chosen by the greatest of all, conquers not only a championship but all the barriers so easily imposed upon the spirit within.

For Roger, it’s a communion between serenity, feeling, passion, intensity, focus, spirit, and the performance thereof, all surrounded by a serenity that is a model of emotional control.

It’s a supreme focus, a harmony of attention units all summoned into the production of a desired effect.

Is it easy? Is it difficult? Just admire it!

It’s spiritual Cause itself!

Oscar Wegner

Federer at his best: video on you tube

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