The beauty of Modern Tennis

Modern tennis is the most natural, most coordinated and actually one of the easiest sports to learn.

Tennis may look superhuman at the high end, but it is not.

At the top level you just need a lot of practice to be in great condition and also to train the body to act in any emergency in the most efficient and powerful way.

Watch Federer hands and body, one of the best examples of all:

You can do it too at a smaller speed.

Oscar Wegner

The best tennis instruction book ever, free:

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  1. John Reply

    ..yes in a smaller lesser way I also played like him. As the movements are so natural and most efficient..I think it’s the default of how tennis is played.

  2. Marjorie Blackwood Reply

    Trying to access the free ebook but it does not seem to load. Is there another link ? Very interested

    1. Oscar Wegner Reply

      Marjorie, now I have a new book for free at 40% is new, the other 60% is a compilation of the best of my works.

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