What is MTM (Modern Tennis Methodology)?

MTM is a coaching system where you tap into human nature to produce your best results.

Instinct is the superior computation of any athlete and of every human who is immersed in observing, in perceiving in present time. Instinct is usually drowned by too much thought which includes many experiences of the past, especially those with more emotion attached to failures.

The more you think, by the way, the less you feel, not only in tennis but also in other sports and in everyday life.

MTM is coached in a way that the student is directed to and allowed to feel the optimal kinetic chain with a purity and simplicity that there is a great ratio between a minimal physical exertion compared to noticeable success results.

Thus, in developing a player, you are guiding him on a gradient scale of difficulty to achieve more and more feel, more ball rotation and more power without losing control.

In essence, not only it makes tennis an easier and faster sport to learn but also to excel at.

Not only I coached Guga Kuerten from 5 to 14 years old, but also coached Bjorn Borg in his second comeback, changed Spain’s coaching methods in 1973 in the National Tennis School, and much more through TV shows, ESPN International tips, 3 published books (1989, 1992, 2005). 11 videos and streaming, and more.

Welcome to Modern Tennis! It’s a new world!

A sample of a modern lesson:


Oscar Wegner


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