Tennis Tip & Modern Tennis Seminar Atlanta Set. 11, 12 and 13

Reinforcing Instinct and Independence

A very simple but important drill is to have the student walk slowly backwards while stroking several balls fed gently and sequentially by the teacher.

I have done this drill even with pro level students.

Why? To reinforce the independence of the arm, hand and racquet from footwork, to track the ball well into its arrival into the hitting zone, and to maximize the simplicity of instinct.

Players are subject to many emergencies during match play. There is no point in adjusting your feet, your position, your distance to the ball and more, complicating the process, rather than getting to the ball and striking in the most natural way possible. This includes adjusting the hand to achieve your goal, your aim. The rest of the body, as you’ll observe, will help the hand.

Coaches need to pay heed to the player’s feel and instinct by slowing down the action in drills and practicing simplicity and minimizing the instruction as well, so the same tracking and computation can be used in any emergency and any speed of the ball.

Trust you instinct, trust your feel, trust YOURSELF!

Oscar Wegner

I will be in Atlanta, Geogia, for a series of clinics and presentations, including those of several prominent Modern Tennis Methodology coaches, next September Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th.

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