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Learn what changed tennis around the world, exemplified by:

Serena Williams, who learned with this system as a very young child and is still #1 and the best female player ever, and her sister Venus, top player as well.

Roger Federer, who has Oscar’s book and the Master Strokes videos since 2005.

Spain as a country: Oscar changed the coaching in the National School in Barcelona, resulting in a multitude of top players from Spain.

Coaches in Moscow and Belgrade, influenced by Oscar’s 1989 book, started little girls with these techniques. Russia, in 2003, had five players who started in the same academy in the top ten women in the world. Belgrade had three top players as well.

Oscar’s ESPN International commentary for Latin America from 1994 to 2000 revolutionized coaching there, producing more top ranked players. But ESPN domestic passed on it, deeming Oscar’s “Play Like the Pros” tips too controversial, limiting the technical advances in this country.

Tennis Magazine criticized the first book as too simplistic in a 1990 editorial and never mentioned Oscar’s advances again, favoring their old advisors, also keeping the USA in the dark!

Oscar Wegner

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