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The Ultimate Tennis Paradox


The time lapse between your command to a muscle to be activated and the time it takes to respond is on order of an infinitesimal fraction of a second. Thus, you time the command to be slightly earlier than the action.

In contrast, the decision to fire on all cylinders on a ball could be too early or premature or complicated, as human beings tend to overreact. It’s interesting that, as a human being, you need to hold your tendency to being early to compensate for that tendency to overreact. You want to act in unison, where all effort is cooperative and as natural as possible.

Prime example of this is Martial Arts. The beauty of slowing down time is not only effective but a training tool as well.

In tennis, that is the basis of getting into the Zone, where you see the ball being much slower that normally anticipated.

Thus, what is called the Yin (relaxed state) and Yang (forceful state) works better in tennis when you purposely slow down your forceful action until you almost touch the ball. There you hit forcefully, accelerating, across the line of the ball for maximum contact time, more feel, more topspin, and more control.

Oscar Wegner

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  1. John Frausto Reply

    Great tip Oscar. I have heard that Formula 1 racers feel this slowing down of time when they are in the zone. Despite traveling at speeds in excess of 200 mph, they feel as if they are crawling along the track. I have felt this personally when playing tennis. The ball seems to be suspended in mid air. Giving me the time and feel to rip “up and across” the ball. Keep up the good work!

    John Frausto

    1. Oscar Wegner Reply

      Great to hear from you, John. Do you have Tennis Into the Future, 4 DVDs? I have a great deal with 2 sets for $40, plus two Best of Oscar DVDs.
      Please go to Best wishes for the Holidays, Oscar

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