Tennis Tip and Miami

The professional modern stance

The open stance is the most efficient for tennis forehands and two-handed backhands.

It could also be called the natural stance, or power stance.

Why? Because it is the easiest and most natural way for anyone to hit with.

It avoids undue stress and torque in lower back and knees. The body gets anchored on the outside foot, while the inside foot lifts off the ground, rather than torquing stuck to the ground, and allows the player to apply the power of a natural turn to the stroke.

You can see much more of these details in my videos, books, free YouTube videos, and tips.

And much more. For an extended sample of how these techniques were learned and applied around the world, starting with little kids that are today champions, go to my 1989/92 book:

This chapter alone will blow your errors and your mind as well.

And click on the left links on that chapter to read other chapters as well.

Oscar Wegner

I’ll be in Miami this coming week from the 24th to the 30th or 31st of August for clinics and lessons. If you are interested in getting together, please e mail me at [email protected] or call me at (727) 735 3293.

I’ll be in Miami in Homestead at 27500 SW 153rd Ave. in a house with two courts.

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