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How to allow the body to play modern tennis

Modern tennis is based on the ability to place the ball within a target area with not only enough speed but also with enough rotation, especially topspin.

Topspin is usually generated by a windshield-wiper stroke.


Because human beings tend to use their bodies’ natural strength and ability in the most simple and natural manner, and the windshield-wiper motion is the most instinctive natural stroke to perform for the combination of ball speed and rotation to occur. It uses major muscle groups to combine in producing the effort, so the person feels abundant strength to perform an action that keeps the ball in the court while troubling the opponent.

In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is defined as the energy that it possesses due to its motion. That is the power that you want the ball to have in your shot. A strong shot is also called a “powerful” shot.

Another definition of kinetic energy is the work needed to accelerate a body of a given mass from rest to its stated velocity. That could be applied at the body work you need to “strike” that ball to its intended velocity and spin.

So far, simple. Except that in the great majority of the studies in the USA most attention and importance is given to the linear velocity of the ball (also recommending a mostly linear body effort like in baseball). Little importance is given to the rotational aspects of both the resulting shot and also the body work needed to achieve it.

Here is the aspect that has not been addressed: The total kinetic energy of an object in motion can be expressed as the sum of the translational kinetic energy of the center of mass and the rotational kinetic energy about the center of mass. So your shot has a power combination of the linear velocity plus the force of the rotational element. You feel this second part as an added weight on the ball: it seems much heavier when you receive your opponent’s topspin shot into your racquet than on a flatter one.

These considerations are at the foundation of the Modern Tennis Methodology studies. Much has been found, including:

Why the open stance “allows” or “facilitates” the windshield-wiper to occur.

Why a body has more power when charged with an energy from torquing the upper body than from being in more balanced positions (as in “sideways” or “neutral stance”).

Why a human being operates best when seemingly in emergencies where he has to be in present time continuously (The Zone).

How where the ball impacts on your string affects your creative power.

And much more. This will be covered in detail in the above seminar, and in future Newsletters and writings. It is also covered in all of my DVDs, books and works, with the exception that these basics were never emphasized so directly as to provide the extreme difference between modern tennis and conventional, and the factors that impede conventional tennis to succeed to greater heights in this modern age.

Oscar Wegner

I will be having a presentation on Saturday August 16th in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Lucile Bosche Reply

    Beautiful – can’t wait to hear and see it!

  2. LarryHartfield Reply

    Great! , I still use this approach to teaching tennis. Wishing I was in California.
    Coach Stretch

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