Tennis Into the Future

Most tennis players would love to play like the top pros.

Some copy Federer, others Nadal or Serena, or Sharapova, or Djokovic, and many more.

It can be hard to sort out, isn’t it? Or perhaps you have more than one favorite to copy from.

In order to decide what the best for your own game would be, it is recommendable to make a full list of the differences and similarities between those players you like, including your own tendencies.

With this in mind we arrived at Modern Tennis Methodology.

We discovered not only the simplicity of the basics that benefit the top pros, but also the basics that would apply and benefit any athletically inclined human being.

To increase the ease and simplicity we put special care in removing from teaching all the misconceptions, all the “weird” ideas that have been considered as “musts” in conventional tennis teaching which don’t help your better game. We actually found out that they impede it.

You can read all these misconceptions for FREE in this online book:

Please let me know your “wins” with it.

Oscar Wegner

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