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In analyzing a player’s or your own performance in tennis, what areas should you inspect?

Most TV commentators pay attention to the visible part, the mechanics. You stroke one way, the ball goes a certain way. Simply, they are stating the relationship between cause and affect. It may help you to copy those strokes you admire, unless there is a deeper level you have to address. 

What is behind the cause? What is the player equipment and what determines success from his viewpoint?

Now we have gotten in deeper territory. Both intention and confidence are necessary to execute. Both can be strengthened with correct data or botched with false data ( FREE!

There are so many misconceptions on tennis, including corruption of natural law, and it is so prevalent, that you ought to learn what can stand in your “natural”way. Take it one step at the time. Timing, mechanics, footwork, intention, confidence, improve them, bit by bit.

It is easy, if you know “the way”.

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Oscar Wegner

Comments (3)
  1. Lenny Schloss Reply

    Great Oscar

  2. mtmcoach Reply

    I have not found this topic of “player equipment” and “intention” in your previous work. Is this something new for us to look forward to learning about?

    1. Oscar Wegner Reply

      Yes, that will be in a new book, Tennis Into the Future.

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