Tennis: More serving power, less brute effort, more control!

Today’s top pros serve more precisely, more consistently, and with more power than ever.

What is the secret?

The secret is to get the hand very close to the ball, so you can apply more torque power, more acceleration, and less effort on your arm without losing you control.

You can observe this aspect in many YouTube videos of Roger Federer. A friend and close ally of mine, Christophe Delavaut, has posted an excellent analysis of many other aspects of Roger’s serve on: (please disregard the ads)

You can observe in this video, beyond Christophe’s details that will amaze you, how close Roger’s right hand gets to the ball before starting to accelerate his racquet to strike it.

Most people rush the striking part, hit earlier, and they don’t have such control of their action. Roger excels on finding the ball so close. My tip would be to exaggerate that closeness both on the first and second serves, and find, for each of your serves, the parameters you need for best results.

And remember, keep your grip fairly loose, only tighten up your grip, to accelerate, near impact time!

You can find the closeness of the hand-ball distance teaching on my website, And for Christophe’s great analysis of many strokes, click here (, or on the image that appears on his video’s bottom left side. This video has more than 370,000 views. Enjoy!

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