Tennis: the cat is out of the bag!

More and more evidence is coming through on the high difference between conventional tennis (sideways, racquet back, step into the ball, hit towards the target, etc.), as recommended by the USTA, USPTA, PTR, and most websites, and Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM, at, the new way to learn.

The old makes tennis difficult, complicated.

The new simplicity and naturality of MTM leads to quick and superior results.

With MTM, many people who never played before are able to enter their first beginner tournament after just one week of practice. Others, already experienced, are able to rally with more ease and more consistency than ever, even while increasing the power on their shots.

Pros adept to the new methodology rise to new heights for their game.

Choose your methodology and you will be a winner or a write off.

Furthermore, if you are a parent intending to help your children into tennis, you better learn about this.

Join the evolution. We welcome you.

Oscar Wegner, Modern Tennis Methodology at

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