The USA was looking to show high progress in years to come. The faulty “experts” in USA tennis coaching are decreeing otherwise.

Where is the open stance? Where are the techniques that made today’s top pros so good? Regrettably, mandatory adult and 10 and under coaching courses, now sponsored by USTA, USPTA and PTR are back to conventional lore. So are beginner instructions which will throw USA tennis back into the ice age: early preparation, close stance, racquet back early, stepping into the ball and following towards the target before finishing across are stated as basic musts.

In contrast, my Modern Tennis Methodology, well liked overseas, from Belgrade to Moscow, from Spain to Argentina and China, promotes stalking the ball with the racquet in front, open stance, windshield wiper and hitting pulling across, all natural, for kids to top pros. Powerful, topspin tennis, executed with the strongest muscles in the body and well adjusted to the needs of those who want to excel in the sport.

Choose how you play or start and you will be a winner or a write off.

Furthermore, if you are a parent intending to help your children into tennis, you better learn about this.

Join the evolution. We welcome you.

Oscar Wegner, Modern Tennis Methodology at

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