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Dear USPTA, PTR, MTM, and Independent Coaching Professionals,

Modernize your teaching, make yourself more knowledgeable, more successful, more popular, and your students better players.

Learn, in the privacy of your own home or your office, why these techniques are so successful in other parts of the world, and why we need to incorporate them widely in the USA to beginners, to advanced players and to pros.

You only need “The Best of Oscar” two hour DVD to make the transition. And please let other coaches know. They’ll be grateful you pointed to this information.

“The Best of Oscar” DVD (free shipping)   Click here $24.95

“The Best of Oscar” streamed only    Click here $17.00

The book “Play Better Tennis in 2 hours” is available at Amazon both in Kindle and in paperback form:

Click here for the Amazon link

Oscar Wegner, Modern Tennis Methodology at

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