Coaching taken to a new height

Coaching the Modern Game    

Tennis is at a new height. European standards and those in Asia and Southamerica have moved into a new domain. Not all coaches like the changes but a good number are looking into the new techniques.

US tennis, unfortunately, has not followed the same route.

What is Modern Tennis and what has improved?

First of all, the quality of human beings and its unique nature is more respected.

One thing that has puzzled humanity for ages and practically abandoned the last century is the fact that humans are spiritual in nature, and that they survive beyond one lifetime, including reacquiring human form.

Today, and actually during the last half of last century, that fact has been studied at depth and great discoveries made. The age of this spiritual advancement has been reborn in full. For those who like to explore this aspect, please e mail me at [email protected] and I will direct you to specific pages that will introduce you, unless you are already familiar with them, to those works.

How does this apply to coaching tennis? Simply, respect for both the spiritual nature and natural and physical preferences of the student, and with keen study of the laws of nature.

You are about to find out, with hundreds of free videos, tips and articles for your inspection, or with published DVDs and books.

These modern techniques are not only great for coaches, but for players as well.

If you want to buy specific subjects, the materials are low cost. The 11 DVDs cost, streamed, $47, the Best of Oscar streamed DVD $17. The 1992 book can be seen for free at The 2005 book can be found at Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions at Oscar 2005 book in Amazon. And more, searching for, or for Oscar Wegner in the Internet.

There is a link to more than 100 short videos, for free, in

Join the evolution. We welcome you.

Oscar Wegner.

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