Dear Friend,

Welcome to 2014, the year of ultimate evolution. Follow my latest techniques and you’ll be at the top of your game.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

The streaming of all my 11 DVD has been completed.

Please check the options and choose which is the best for your needs. The options include several packages, including the Pro Package, with all 11 DVDs streamed,  at $47.


You can also check the store page at Some options include the DVDs plus the streaming.

With my best regards and wishes,


Oscar Wegner,


Tennis and Life

Life seems sometimes difficult. So may tennis.

But neither one is truly difficult, provided you know the tech to handle it.

Study my tapes, discover the simplicity behind tennis, and correlate those teachings and their simplicity to the handling of life.

You can e mail me and ask me any questions you like. I will direct you to some of my videos on tennis, or, if the question is about life and where to learn more about it and its handling, to other areas.

Everything will become easier or simpler.

With my best wishes of a wonderful 2014 and a happy and ever growing prosperity in tennis and in life,


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