The Riddle     

Misconceptions, false data, even minuscule at times, affect both focus and mechanics, leading to a riddle seemingly profound.

Top pros have found operating ways that they trust by instinct. In general, they are so simple that they defy the norm.

The problem is that what seems so easy from the player’s instinctual viewpoint is generally not fully acceptable for someone else involved.

Players, including top ones, want to improve day in and day out. They seek new ways. More data. Rather than fiercely protecting and improving what they already have, they seek masters for a new viewpoint.

Therefore, change is called upon.

Fortunately, tour pros, rather than trust prevalent lore, are more aware of what works and what does not. Thus, more carefully protect their own beliefs. But are not impervious when they trust someone knows more.

Their only problem is that the pertinent information may be so delicate that any misaligned influence can easily throw the player off.

If they, and you as well, only knew how simple answers are and that the riddles were not natural but self-created within the sport itself, trust in oneself and one’s creations would only grow. Confidence is the result of knowing the precise relationship between cause and effect.

For amateurs, false data, overflowing, is confusing and faults show up abundantly. They may also trust change too much.

But is there change for the better? Look for it, and when you find it, it may be so easy that you’d be surprised.

And that, my friends, is the simplest answer, to the riddle, of all.

Oscar Wegner,

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