Tennis is much simpler if you walk naturally, rather than taking sideways steps.

Even if you are on the run, you should simplify your steps so that you do it as if it was a daily task that has no complications at all.

In conventional tennis you are instructed to step sideways and then turn and hit, as if tennis had peculiar steps different from any other sports.

Check the pros you see at the US Open. There couldn’t be, at that level, any more naturalness, efficiency, and economy of effort.

Check Stan Wawrinka, who just beat Andy Murray to get to the semifinals.

Stan’s game is a model of efficiency. The least effort to have a maximum result.

If you want to know more of these techniques, check the DVDs in my website.

Modern tennis methodology is getting to the forefront (without stepping in).

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com

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