Focus Is In Your Hands      

Your hands are, literally, the key to your game.

Tracking the ball with your hands, rather than worrying about your footwork, will align you with the ball. Your body, prompted instinctively, will help the hand or hands in the execution of the stroke.

Computing the other way around, thus making the hand dependent on your footwork and body position to hit the ball, complicates the process and inhibits your natural and instinctive play. 

That is the failure of conventional tennis. It is based on the premise that footwork is the most important thing.

Modern Tennis Methodology is the other way around. It makes you trust the habits and instinctive moves you learned at a very young age. It focusses you on feel rather than on thought.

Further, with the hand tracking the line of the ball as long as possible, it is easier to hit across, which is the basis of longer feel, more spin, and more control.

The new DVD, The Best of Oscar Modern Tennis Methodology has been arranged, separately for each stroke, to emphasize this aspect. Make sure you avail yourself of it. It’s a superb guide to improve every stroke in your game.

Oscar Wegner,

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