Yank Across

A tennis groundstroke has been thought, for a long time, to be a linear strike.

Today’s modern players yank the ball across it’s line of flight.

The windshield-wiper provides the topspin needed to make the ball drop sharply, the yanking gives the ball great speed without abandoning control.

The failure to recognize this and other aspects of modern tennis are the only reasons for the decline in the number of top players from the USA, Great Britain and Australia, previously the most successful countries in the game.

Get the advantage! I invite you to view a new two-hour DVD, “The Best of Oscar”, just released. It will show you what the players are doing at the US ¬†Open.

One of the young players having success is Vicky Duval, whom I showed these techniques and is taking off with them.

It is easy, you’ll see, to copy the best performers and improve your game.

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com

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  1. Lenny Schloss Reply

    Well done Oscar again

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