Players refer with awe to the time they have played “in the Zone”.

There are several factors that facilitate to experience it.

One of them is simplicity.

The simpler you make your strokes, the easier it is to get into the zone.

Mechanically, if you focus on finding the ball slowly and then accelerate across for more feel and control, the more you simplify our stroke.

Looking, not thinking, is another factor that gets you there.

Mentally, the quieter your mind, the easier it is to “Zone-in”.

Combine these factors and the more you’ll be likely to see the ball in slower motion that usual.

There are different degrees to that heightened awareness, but this is your Zone. Sometimes you’ll feel like an observer, like looking at the action from outside. Trust it. Practice it by staying calm even under pressure, seemingly unemotional, quite serene.

Oscar Wegner,

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  1. oldy Reply

    My dear Oscar, I am extremly interested in your theory RUNING BACK TO THE CENTER, instead of sidestepping to the center….Please can you exactly explain what to do with the legs after the player is hitting his forehqnd shot in the right corner of the court ? This might spare my energy and above all my hips and sciatic nerve…. :). Thanks a lot and with cordial regards, OLIVER from Paris

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