Tracking the Ball     

Track the ball with your playing hand as if you were trying to catch it.

Restrain yourself from hitting too early by resting the racquet throat in your other hand.

When the ball is near transition to the idea of hitting it and, without too much backswing, accelerate the racquet diagonally, that is, up for topspin and across your body for control.

You may be bringing, towards the end, the hand closer to your body, while pointing the butt of the racquet to where you sent the ball.

Focusing initially on the hand, rather than on the racquet, can simplify the skill of tracking a moving object while you are on the move yourself.

Oscar Wegner,

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  1. Momodu Alpha Reply

    Hi Oscar, I like your discussion on the topic ” Tracking the Ball ” But I would like to asked, Tracking the ball generally? or On a specific stroke in Tennis? Please Specify this ok !!! Caues, It,s seems like at the start of your explanation (discussion), you were talking about that volley, but towards the end of it, it bacame a ground stroke from the baseline, especially a forehand ok. So please do !!!!

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