Slice it Down      

The slice backhand can force the opponent to become defensive.

All you have to do is keep it low.

First of all, address the ball by tracking it with the butt of your racquet, holding onto its throat with your non-playing hand.

The racquet face should be fairly open, facing up to the sky.

Let the ball come past your hand, close to it, and into the strings.

Hit down on it, without any movement of your wrist, but using your back muscles to get your shoulder blades together.

The hand should move downwards and across, as in baseball’s “safe” call, in an arc. In this process the racquet face will close towards a more vertical position, as necessary.

Keep your wrist firm and unwavering. This is a key to keeping the ball low and to make it skid in your opponent’s court.*

*For a complete description of this technique check out my DVD Tennis Into the Future: Modern Strokes.

Oscar Wegner,

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