Wimbledon timing      

Although grass courts have sometimes unpredictable bounces and are faster, you may notice that the pros track the ball longer before taking a shot.

They also cut their backswing so as to keep the hand closer to the ball.

These techniques allow for a better adjustment to the mischievous conduct of the ball.

Watch for these finer points to enhance your enjoyment of the tournament and understanding of how to play like the pros.

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com

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  1. OLIVER Reply

    Dear Oscar, I think this method is very useful also in case of wind, or sun in the eyes situations. Every difficult situation durting a tennis game can be solved easier through this method, to track the ball immediately when it comes from the racket of the adversary. Also I think one of your older advises, to semi-push the ball is a perfect advise. You go closer to the ball and you hit very hard, but like pushing the ball. Another of your advises is very good, thinking more of the follow through BEFORE the shot, with a shorter backswing. It helps to get a very nice control even in difficult conditions. Today I played in a big wind and it really helps :)….Just follow OSCAR!

  2. Wes Reply

    How can you track the ball longer if playing on a faster surface which gives less time and how does shortening the backswing keep the “hand” closer to the ball? Can you please explain? Thanks

    1. Oscar Wegner Reply

      Wes, if you divide time in tennis in tracking, backswing and hitting, a player on hard courts tends to predict the ball’s trajectory, so he does not track the ball that long before starting the swing. On clay courts the bounce is less predictable, but he does have more time after the bounce, tracks it longer, and he takes a bigger swing. On grass, he has to wait longer to see how the ball is going to bounce, thereby increasing the tracking time, and is obliged to shorten the swing, as he has less time to take a swing. The answer to greatness is to do both when necessary. You may recall that that was superbly demonstrated by Andre Agassi, who cut his own time by playing inside the court more than anyone else.

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