Federer vs. Nadal      

The solution to Federer’s troubles with Nadal is technical, not mental, as has been widely suggested.

Federer needs to adjust his timing by waiting longer for the ball, then counter Nadal’s spin.  Nadal hits most of his shots with 3,000 RPM or more, and the ball is still rotating when it gets to Roger’s racquet.

The topspin that Federer usually hits with is closer to 2,000 RPM, but to generate that on a forward rotating ball he needs to brush up on the ball more than usual.

Hitting early further flattens a stroke.

Perhaps Paul Anacone is not aware of this data, as I saw similar unfortunate problems during his coaching of Pete Sampras, which precipitated Pete’s retirement.

I just hope that Roger will still give us many superb performances for years to come, regardless of some disappointing losses as in Rome last weekend.

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com

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  1. Harold Gardner Reply

    When you say ‘earlier’, is that in relationship to his body or in relationship to where the ball bounces?

    1. Oscar Wegner Reply

      It’s waiting a bit more to release the stroke. He rushes !!! Way too early !!!

      1. Harold Gardner Reply

        I have wondered if he taking the ball earlier as it relates to the bounce of the ball…think Connors or Agassi…would be helpful. I understand that he would have less time to execute, but Nadal was also have less time to respond. Most important, he could take the ball a bit more in his strike zone. Trying to hit a one handed backhand by striking a ball over your shoulders seems a painful way to earn a living.

        1. Oscar Wegner Reply

          Yes, Harold. That too !!!


  2. Lee Deskins Reply

    As a 57 year old tennis player learning from your (Oscar’s) video’s, changing something like the timing on a shot is not trivial. Of course I am no Federer but Nadal isn’t one of my opponents either. A key component Nadal is taking away from Federer is the ability to “find the ball” you have to get to it to hit it.

  3. Jacob from Healthy-Tennis Reply

    Yep tennis fellows, that seems to be problem all the players against Nadal and specially ball with so high revolution spin on clay where the ball react and reflect more and differently.
    I guess this is the ovolution of tennis and if one of the players has found something extra, new what works specially well, it’s evolution, it’s like in life. Agassi said tennis is like the life. Federer dosn’t have a ability,nature and power in hand to deliver same kind combination of revolution and pace as Nadal. Unless he goes and makes his muscles a bit and can get the same spin, of course it means take the ball in some ocasions later as Nadal does himself to respond for simular balls. And if you take ball a bit later after bounce it gives you more possibility generate more revolution on ball. Federer needs to adjust and create new tool – high revolution ball to be more effective on clay. He’s got lots if tool so why not create one more. I think he’s still flexible in mind to learn new things 🙂

  4. Richard Tracy Reply

    Wonderful assessment of the problem. You are right on the money with that. I really enjoyed reading that!!!

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