A Painful Time

In the early 1990s the Tennis Industry Association, together with the USTA, commissioned a survey on tennis participation.

One of the findings of this survey was that an easier way to start the game needed to be put in place.

That finding was not taken care of properly in the USA.

Making tennis easier includes open stance, hitting up and across the ball, stalking rather than preparing early, and other obvious developments which make tennis a much more natural (and much easier) sport to play.

I had done that earlier for Spain and Brazil, and in 1989 with the publication of my first book, Tennis in Two Hours.

Russians and Eastern Europeans, including coaches in Belgrade, in possession of that book, followed suit immediately.

I followed that with a 1992 book sequel, of similar content, and with work on ESPN International that affected tennis worldwide.

The quantity of quality players developed thereafter overseas from that methodology has been, as I predicted in the 1989 and 1992 books, phenomenal.

If people wonder which is the “why” the USA has fallen behind in many aspects in tennis, there is your main answer.

For those interested, here is the 1992 book for free:

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com

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