A Balancing Time   

Balance is a thing you actually learned at the young stages of life.  The goal early in life is not to fall.  Balance is a natural thing to adopt.

If you teach balance and position at the conscious level as a must, balance and position may be perfect but the ball may hit the player on the head (a humorous idea) because his attention is on enforcing the wrong thing.

High level tennis, in my opinion, is played with the hand.  As a beginner you can learn the basic stroke just standing there facing the net with someone feeding you an easy ball. Gradually the body will adjust by itself.

Eventually, learning to lose your balance develops speed around the court.

There is no need to consciously teach “footwork”.

Just do drills that will develop speed and naturality.

The tennis court is small, a few steps to the right, a few steps to the left, and a few more forward and you cover the whole court.

Focus on your hand and the ball and results will speak for themselves.

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com

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  1. brice chevalier Reply

    agreed, and play with your hand and natural footwork will develop . Then as a result balance , and timing becomes better

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