It’s All Feel   

The ball stays on the racquet a few milliseconds if you hit flat, longer if you brush across.

To optimize your focus on feel it is better to maximize your sensations on a longer time span.

I recommend to focus on the feel of the hand at the ball contact and at the finish, when the racquet is already pointing behind you, getting the sensation of acceleration between one and the other.

This way you become aware of the connection between the feel of the ball, the finish, and the resulting placement of the ball.

Racquet head speed at the top level is greatest closer to the end than at the impact, which tells the intention of the player to go towards the stroke’s end.

Tracking the ball as if going to catch with your hand, not your racquet, is another simple way to facilitate your strike.

Rather than preparing early, track the ball with the racquet on both hands as long as possible, then go back and forth with your dominant hand alone for your swing.

You don’t need to swat at the ball.

Find it easily in front, while accelerating up and across.  You’ll see it speed up with great control.

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com

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