A Gentle Touch    

When warming up or having a light practice, it is best to touch the ball, rather than hitting it, but emphasizing lifting it two or three feet over the net.

Tennis is a vertical game, much more than horizontal.

Gravity is the main force you are fighting.

Further, the ball is only a bit over 2 ounces in weight, while your body and racquet combined are perhaps one thousand times heavier.

Play gently, immersed in feel and control rather than power, and you’ll play a very beautiful game.

Oscar Wegner, TennisTeacher.com

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  1. Stephen Waymire Reply

    Great tip. I love to teach my little kids a lot with mini tennis and low compression balls. Mini tennis gives them a feel for the ball on the racket. My other big thing move your feet. I tell them “U are not a tree–U don’t have roots move your feet.” Just move em your brain will tell them where to do. And the last thing watch the ball, keep it out front–and lift it up over the net. MINI TENNIS A GREAT TEACHING TOOL.

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