Feel and Ease

Most players have the goal of hitting the ball on the center of the racquet.

They succeed unless there is a difficult situation.

Why?  Because that is their intention, their goal.

It is also an idea backed up by most coaches, not quite observant of this fleeting fact.

Top pros hit topspin strokes quite below the center.

How is this?  Do they know consciously that that’s where they hit?

Revelation: they don’t even know they are doing that.  What happens is that with so much constant practice they get a certain feel of ease and more control on hitting below the center and they adopt it instinctively.

I happen to coach that purposefully.  I have seen a number of pros have bad days without realizing why.  They fight their instinct, thinking that it is better to hit on the center.

Realize that the torque of hitting below the center keeps the racquet closed and the ball does not fly long.

You also get more topspin and you don’t need to grip the racquet tight.

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