Sweet Spot Redefined 

A lot of attention has been paid over decades to the sweet spot of the racquet, defined as the area where the strings give maximum response.

Obviously, it is the center of the racquet, a variable size area according to the racquet used.

But a new awareness is emerging that the pros hit the ball differently, consistently.

Are these mishits or a purposeful achievement?

I have coached for decades to hit topspin strokes well below the center, and slices and volleys above.

Why is that?

It’s because it ads to the stability of the racquet. On groundstrokes you want your racquet to stay closed, on slices and volleys to stay opened.

You don’t have to press as hard on the grip to prevent the racquet from turning, since the turning factor ads to the safety of your shots.

Give it a try on groundstrokes.  Start gradually, keep your grip loose, and study its effects.

On volleys, keep you grip more firm.

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