True of False 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion in the tennis teaching world.

It started very early in the 1900s when an English fellow published a book about modern tennis, stating that tennis was like cricket.

From there he went on to say that tennis had to be played sideways, an effort that killed the natural way to play the sport.

Comparing tennis to baseball just reinforced the same.  And be aware that for every piece of false data, bright ideas on how to fix problems abound.

Those tenets and compensations, somehow, have been kept alive for just one reason: the difficulty of change.

How would you feel if you are tennis coach and someone came by and told you that you are doing it all wrong?

Understandably, you would defend your fort.

Therefore, the solution is simple.  Decide yourself.

Does a particular thing work or doesn’t?

Does it feel natural?  Does it feel good?

Does it produce the results you want?

Further, does it work for you in a match?

I provide a viewpoint of how this is accomplished.

Other authors and coaches provide their own side of the picture.

Try them.  You be the judge.

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