First Serve 

Getting your first serve in is one of the most important aspects in professional tennis.

That statistic usually shows who came out on top.

But what is another service statistic which in a tight match like today’s Federer – Djokovic Wimbledon semifinal is usually overlooked as influencing the result?

That is whether the missed first serves were missed over the net or into the net.

In the last two sets Djokovic hit most missed first serves into the net, telegraphing Federer that his second serve would be slightly more safe and inviting an attack.  Federer kept those above.

In the 4th set this was plainly evident.  Djokovic had 64% of first serves in while Federer only had 54%.  Djokovic only managed to win 33% of his second serves with Federer at 67%.

First serves into the net, especially alarmingly low below the top, show that the serving player is tight, that he is worried and not decisive.

Djokovic, perhaps unamare of this aspect, precipitated his own demise.

The match was close, but Federer kept his first serve over the net, whether he missed it or not, and showed more savvy in this service department in the closing stages to make a mark overall.

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