Respect and Space

You may have noticed that the best performers in the game are quite respectful of their opponents.

Regardless of that attitude, top players surely look in command of their space.

There is a quality in granting that your opponent is a good player that transcends the mechanics of this sport.

Although you are trying to beat this other player as badly as you can, hating or minimizing him backfires in minimizing your space as well.

Acceptance that he is trying to do the same thing to you that you are trying to do to him helps to take in those point that you don’t win as part of life and games.  If you read match statistics, you’ll see that there is usually some balance between points won and lost.

I woud recommend to make your space as big as the entire court and to include your opponent in this space as well.

He hits a great shot, respect it.  He mishits and still wins the point, accept it.  He gets lucky, take it in.  Smile at it if you want.

Take perfect care of the ball when it is in your racquet, and view the rest as part of the game you are creating and your opponent is creating as well.

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  1. Lance August Reply

    excellent point; I have made it a practice to acknowledge my opponents winners by saying “great shot” or “well done” which paradoxically makes it easier for me to aaccept having lost the last point.

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